Friday, 4 February 2011

I hate you more: practice film.

Yesterday, I was not in to make the film with my group. The group also had to remake the film because it was not up to the right standard therefore we all decided to come in today and redo the film as a group. Unfortunatly Samire was not able to come in and Carlos had to go early. So we all filmed it together but me and Anisa stayed back to edit and finish the film to get it over and done with.
As yesterdays idea did not work out, we thought of a new idea which was to have two girls who are forced to be in a room together that did not get along. They were rivals to each other. We took close up shots of both face expressions. We also done match cuts of the door being opened and panning shots.
Personally i thought this was not the best that I done. I feel that if we had more time, more ideas could of been thought and we could make the film a lot better by not rushing. Next time i would want to put more effort in the film and be more organised as a team.

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